GOTS certified

The mouth caps are made of 100% organic cotton. Produced in Turkey according to GOTS conditions.

When growing the cotton and the coloring and processing that the fabric has undergone, the environment is burdened as little as possible.

What is GOTS?
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognized as the world's largest processing standard for textiles, which are made from certified organically produced raw materials. It contains strict environmental and social criteria for actions in the entire textile chain.

What is the problem with textile processing?
Textile processing often results in the release of toxic chemicals into the air and water, as well as hazardous work situations. We all live "downstream" sharing the same air and water, and the employees who make products for us deserve our respect. GOTS prohibits the use of chemicals commonly used in textile processing, which cause cancer, birth defects and other serious diseases. Chemicals, such as persistent endocrine disruptors, also destroy ecosystems and biodiversity on an international scale. GOTS requires that all dyes and excipients are tested against strict criteria and are pre-approved for use.

What employment-oriented provisions are there in GOTS?
Employees are not exposed to toxic chemicals when working with GOTS certified resources and methods. In addition, the social criteria of the GOTS are based on the main conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), including a ban on child labor and forced labour. And they include provisions such as having systems in place to prove that they are addressing social problems, such as grievances. In addition, GOTS requires fire prevention training and evacuation drills.


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The strict standard for organic textiles is met throughout the entire chain - from harvesting the raw materials, via socially responsible production to labelling, packaging and distribution. This worldwide standard provides for, among other things, the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and water purification at the factories.