About us

My name is Leonie Teerling and in daily life I am a Compassion Coach for people who wish to change their actions from head to heart, from thinking to feeling, from artificial to real, from fear to trust.

I have been working on awareness and personal growth for over 20 years and in my sessions and workshops I help people reconnect with who they really are, making them a wiser, more loving, pleasant and inspiring person, a person who lives an inspired and happy life. 

But what about the mouth caps?

How it all started...

It all started on Friday evening, October 2, 2020. The evening when an e-mail came in from our daughter's high school headmaster, with the urgent advice to wear a face mask during breaks and when changing positions, from Monday October 5. It was as if the ground had been swept from under my feet. We had deliberately chosen an anthroposophical school, and then this!!

In the weeks that followed, I slowly but surely came to the realization that fighting against it is pointless. The realization dawned on me that I should learn to deal with the measures and wearing mouth caps. And not only for our daughter in high school, but also for me and my husband in everyday life. The only question was how, because...

The mouth caps that you can buy in the store are not ideal. In fact, they not only take your breath away, they are also very unhealthy. Research shows that the oxygen level in the blood decreases, that you breathe carbon monoxide and that it is a hotbed of bacteria. So no mouth caps from the store.

That is why I started looking on the internet for a fabric that is permeable to oxygen, with which I could make mouth caps myself. And I've found it in the form of soft tulle made of 100% organic cotton. This tulle has small holes through which you can breathe easily.

I made a number of test samples until I finally came to an ideal mouth cap, consisting of 2 layers of tulle with a soft elastic (stretchy) cord behind the ears. To let other people benefit from this mouth cap, I decided to make more and sell them.

Our mouthcaps are GOTS certified